Sokai Manor

  • Sokų dvaras
This manor is located in Pasvalys district, the edership of Saločiai, 16 km to the north from Pasvalys. There are some ruins of its mansion on the left bank of the River Mūša, opposite the mansion of Raudonpamūšė. The main manor house was created from the second half of the nineteenth century until the beginning of the twentieth century. It was the estate of 275 hectares of land and it belonged to Miss Elena Hanaitė. The manor was divided in individual parcels in 1926. After the war, in the former mansion there was a collective farm office, a culture centre and a library. You can see a bricked single-storey mansion with a mezzanine in a centre. Its clay-bricked 3.5 high walls are plastered, the stone foundation is 60–90 cm tall. The gable roof is slate-covered. There is a cellar beneath the building. The barn’s architecture is very interesting: you can see semi-circular windows, the bricked 3.3 m high walls, the stone foundation and the gable slate-covered roof. The cattle-shed is a former manor’s cowshed. The walls were of red bricks, 3.7 m in height. Now you can see only the ruins. On the outskirts, there is a lime avenue and a pond next to the cattle-shed.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.14743, 24.44191