Žilpamūšis Manor

  • Žilpamūšio dvaras
It is located in Pasvalys district, the eldership of Saločiai. You can find some manor’s fragments if you drive about 12 km to north from Pasvalys towards Saločiai, on the left bank of the River Mūša, there was a mansion and a park. The mansion was created at the end of the nineteenth century, in a so-called brick style. The manor belonged to German Barons Vildeman originated from Courland. The estate owned 243 hectares of land. After the manor was divided in individual parcels, the centre with 80 hectares of land was bought by Mr. Juozas Čėsis in 1925. The remaining buildings are the manor house, built of bricks, the walls’ height is 3 m, the ground floor is plastered and the rest of the building is not plastered. The foundation is built of stone and there is a gable tin roof. Beneath the building, there is a cellar. The former manor dairy is a private property. The walls are 2.5 meters high, there are 40–60 m of stone foundation and a cellar. There used to make cheese and transported it for sale in Riga. Nowadays the house is maintained, neat. In the nineteenth century, there was established a park with a pond surrounded by the River Mūša. The park is planted with maples, small-leaved limes and rustling willow-trees. The big tits breed in hollows of maples and lindens. The park boasts 16 species of local trees and 19 kinds and forms are introduced. The old chestnuts, small pyramid-shaped Black Poplars and a row of Eastern Thujas grow here by the school as well as yellow acacias (Caragana arborescens).
  • GPS coordinates: 56.15628, 24.44664