Geltonpamūšė Manor

  • Geltonpamūšės dvaras
This manor is located in Pasvalys district, the eldership of Saločiai in the village of Vileišiai. It is on the left bank of the River Mūša, about 2 km to north from the central village of Vileišiai. The mansion belonged to the German-born property owners Brennaburgs. After the First World War, they did not return to their mansion. The manor (215 hectares) remained the state property. In 1925, it was divided in individual parcels. An agronomist Mr Julius Špokevičius bought the manor’s centre with 55 ha of land. Later, Mr. Šeškūnas, who returned from the United States, bought the entire centre of the estate. The Soviet government distributed it to the poor settlers. The former red-bricked manor’s house for hired servants is well preserved. Most other estate buildings were wooden. In 1986, the old buildings were demolished the garden and the plantations were uprooted. Nowadays, you can see some lime paths.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.17104, 24.43026