Sculpture to the 200th anniversary of Joniškėlis parish school

  • Skulptūra, skirta Joniškėlio Gabrielės Petkevičaitės-Bitės gimnazijos 200 metų parapinės mokyklos jubiliejui
This sculpture was unveiled in 2008. Its author is a sculptor Vytautas Bakūnas from Joniškėlis. The sculpture depicts two rocks: they are the family of Karpiai and Vilnius University, which was charged to set up a school in Joniškėlis by a testament. The school is like a Mother, who is represented symbolically by an apple tree, reminding a popular proverbe that the roots of science are bitter, but the fruit is sweet. Joniškėlis timeline extends for 400 years and half of it is enlightend by the school. From a nest four birds are flying away, they symbolize students.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.02050, 24.16772