Cross to an engineer Petras Vileišis in the cemetery of the village of Mediniai

  • Kryžius inžinieriui Petrui Vileišiui Medinių kaimo kapinaitėse
This Cross was carved in 1935 by a folk artist Stanislavas Gegeckas in memory of a famous resident of Mediniai. Below there is a legible inscription: “For a Son of Nation engineer Petras Vileišis. This Cross was built by local residents of Mediniai and Šimoniai villages“. For a long time the Cross stood by the Mediniai primary school. In 1962, people secretly moved it to the cemetery and thus saved the Cross. Its carving is from multiple relief details, depicting skulls, tools of Christ torture, monograms of Christ and Mary. At the top, there is a bag with 30 pieces of silver – for those Judas betrayed Christ. Its inscription reflects the realities of that time: “God save Lithuania and return Vilnius to us!“ In two glazed recesses, there were two sculptures: Evangelist St. Mark with a lying lion and a mother to a spindle next to a reading child. Both sculptures during the Soviet times were stolen. In 1991, St. Mark sculpture was found and now there is a use to place it in the Cross during holidays and various celebrations.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.09391, 24.27908