Saint Augustine Chapel in Porijai

  • Porijų Šv. Augustino koplyčia
Porijai Saint Augustine Chapel is a graveyard chapel which is located near the village of Porijai, in the district of Pasvalys, 7 km west from Daujėnai. It stands in the woods, surrounded by the small village graveyard. It can be reached following the path through the fields which leads from the settlement southwards to Balčiškiai. The chapel belongs to the parish of Holy Jesus Name of Daujėnai. It hosts annual Saint Augustine Festival. The chapel of Porijai elevates in the middle of the graveyard with its altar traditionally facing East. It is a quite big rectangular building of 12,60 m length and 7,45 m width with an original two-sided apse at the end where a triangular sacristy is located. A porch of quite unusual structure is protruding off the main facade: four columns placed at an uneven distance (the shortest being in the middle), they reach just the top of the door and support the protruding choir the wall of which connects to the triangle surface under the roof. The facade is noticeable by its intricate construction and quite large decorated door, three windows placed in triangle and turrets on the slope of the roof. The exterior of the single-leaf door is decorated by wooden panels: the top is divided in several sections decorated with raised rhombuses and the lower part is clad with profiled planks in shape of a large rhombus with a rosette in the centre. The chapel's sidewalls have two high large windows and the two diagonal walls of the sacristy have a smaller and lower window each. The chapel's outside is clad with horizontal planks, only the facade and the choir walls are clad with vertical planks. Nowadays the chapel is roofed with slate, but the rectangular turret is clad with tin sheets and has a pyramid-shaped roof of the same material. Above, there's a pointed spike of profiled timber wich raises an iron cross. is put on heets lad with decorative panels: the top is devided in several sections decorated with rhombuses.
  • GPS coordinates: 55.93261, 24.59338