Cross-pillar-type chapel to the family Kauneckai and the people of the village Trajoniškis

  • Kryžius-koplytstulpis Kauneckų šeimai ir Trajoniškio kaimo žmonėms
This Cross and pillar-type chapel was unveiled in August 2009. The sculpture stands at the former homestead of the family Kauneckai. The most important features of the sculpture are the Mother of God and the Cross, as well as stylized people holding hands in a circle around the Cross. A classic cross gracefully rises above the chapel pole. The cobbled path relates the sculpture with the local environment. The monument is dedicated to the Millennium of Lithuania. The author is a sculptor Arūnas Grušas from Pasvalys and it was consecrated by Bishop Jonas Kauneckas.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.03895, 24.51196