Monument to the national revival of Lithuania by the manor of Žadeikiai

  • Paminklas Lietuvos tautiniam atgimimui prie Žadeikių dvaro
The monument to the national revival of Lithuania stands next to Žadeikiai manor. It was erected in 1989. The monument reads a quote from the poem "Prayer" by the poet Bernardas Brazdžionis: "Oh God, our Father, / Look after our homeland/ And lit a new dawn of freedom/ In the sky". The quote is followed by the request from Daujėnai inhabitants: "God, send the Holy Spirit over the reborn Lithuania so that the country remains loving God and fellow citizens, fair, sober and independant forever. Godly people from Pasvalys Daujėnai. 1989".
  • GPS coordinates: 56.03391, 24.43455