Cross to Kazimiera Macelytė in the Jurgeniškiai cemetery

  • Kryžius Kazimierai Macelytei Jurgeniškių kaimo kapinėse
This very old wooden Cross stands in the Jurgeniškiai cemetery. It was carved by Mr. Stanislovas Gegeckas (1873–1940). The Cross is disappearing; it is supported only by a tree branches. There Kazimiera Macelytė (1899–1915) was buried. She might have been a wealthy farmer's daughter, because Mr. S. Gegeckas crosses were very expensive even for farmers. The Cross was built long after her death, probably about 1933. Its decoration is modest; we can see the symbols of death – the skulls. A recess is empty for a long time. The time is coming when the trees cannot support this crumbling monument.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.02000, 24.26257