Agronomist, social activist, benefactor Jonas Činga's grave in Meškalaukis graveyard

  • Agronomo, visuomenės veikėjo, mecenato Jono Čingos kapas Meškalaukio kapinėse
Agronomist, social activist and benefactor Jonas Činga was born in 1914 December 10 in the parish of Jonoiškėlis, in the village of Meškalaukis. He went to primary school in Meškalaukis, to secondary school in Joniskelis, in 1933 he graduated Linkuva gymnasium and in 1938 – Dotnuva Academy of Agriculture. He worked as an agronomist in the counties of Tauragė, Eržvilkas, Skaudvilė, Raseiniai, and was a teacher at Tauragė and Betygala agriculture schools. In 1944 m. he emigrated to Germany, in 1948 to Canada, in 1963 to the USA, Los Angeles. He was a prominant member of Lithuanian Canadian Association, Lithuanian Community in the USA, Lithuanian Foundation, Lithuanian Catholic Federation "Ateitis". In 1996, with the participation of 30 Lithuanian schools in Vilnius county, a charity foundation under his and his wife's name was formed. It gives funding to educational activities in the east south of Lithuania – for libraries, schools, students' camps, sightseeing tours, song festivals. J. Činga died shortly before his 95th birthday anniversary. The urn with his ashes was transported from the USA to his homeland. After the service at Joniškėlis church in 2009 November 7, he was burried in Meškalaukis graveyard.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.01879, 24.21080