Commemorative plaque for writers G. Petkevičaitė-Bitė and Žemaitė in Joniškėlis

  • Atminimo lenta rašytojoms G. Petkevičaitei-Bitei ir Žemaitei Joniškėlyje
The commemorative plaque for writers G. Petkevičaitė-Bitė and Žemaitė is put on the house where two writers wrote theater plays and comedies. Petkevičiai family home in Joniškėlis became a meeting place for Lithuanian activists. Lithuanian intellectuals and students gathered there for various occasions. In 1889 Jurgis Bielinis started to smuggle banned Lithuanian press for her. In 1890 she sent her first correspondance ("From Panevėžys") to the newspaper "Varpas". While writing for newspaper "Ūkininkas", she started to sign with the pen name Bitė. With the time the pen name Bitė became the part of her surname. In 1894 she started to publish her fictional stories in newspapers. Bitė's first piece of writing was a short story "Vilkienė" published in "Varpas" (Nr. 9, 10, 11 , 12). In 1894 she and Jadvyga Juškytė set up "Žiburėlis" club to support poor students and culture workers and together managed it until 1903. In the summer of 1898 Petkevičaitė organized and funded travellings through Lithuania to meet and engage with famous country people. On the initiative of Povilas Višinskis in 1898 a creative friendship was started with Žemaite which later grew up into a personal one. They wrote theater plays and comedies under the name of Dvi Moteri (Two Women): "Devil In The Trap", "Everyone does whatever they please", "Sold Happiness", "Lithuanian Patriots".
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