Šalnaičiai burial ground

  • Šalnaičių kapinynas
This burial ground is in the Saločiai eldership, Pasvalys district. It is located 0.65 km to the north-west from the confluence of the Stream Užkalnys and the River Mūša, 230 m to the east from the ancient settlement of Šalnaičiai on the right bank of the River Mūša. It is surrounded by the River Mūša from the south side and by fields from the other sides. The area’s surface is about 260 meters long to the east-west direction and up to 70 meters wide. The burial ground is almost in a plain, slightly descending to the south (towards the River Mūša). There is a 0.5 m high barrow in the centre about 12 m in diameter and with a stone wreath remains. There were found various artifacts: three war axes, three spearheads, a steel, a gouge blade, copper jewellery (two bracelets with a prominent triangular edge, a pointed child bracelet, two chains, two bells, a tack needle, a sandstone spindle, some fragments of clay pottery and a detail from belt).
  • GPS coordinates: 56.248405075789655, 24.40363883972168