Commemorative plaque for the minister of agriculture of Lithuania and the agronomist Medardas Grigaliūnas in Joniškėlis

  • Atminimo lenta Lietuvos žemės ūkio ministrui, agronomui Medardui Grigaliūnui Joniškėlyje
Commemorative plaque for minister of agriculture of Lithuania, agronomist, Ignas Karpis Agriculture and Services School graduate Medardas Grigaliūnas (1925–2014) is put on the wall outside Joniškėlis Ignas Karpis Agriculture and Services School. The author is sculptor Leonas Pivoriūnas. It was unveiled in 2015, in August. M. Grigaliūnas graduated Joniškėlis Agriculture Vocational School with honors, later on – Lithuanian Academy of Agriculture. He climbed the entire career ladder from a specialist of agriculture to a minister of agriculture of Lithuania. He was the minister of agriculture of Lithuania for 20 years (1965–1985). This period is marked by huge investions to the infrastructure of agriculture, land development, buildings, roads. M. Grigaliūnas wrote the book "The main farmers' task – intensification of production" (1977). He's also co-wrote the book "The intensification of agriculture productivity in Soviet Lithuania" (1983). He published several articles about agriculture production and social development in the countryside.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.05046, 24.17825