Sculptures in the park of Noriai village

  • Skulptūros Norių kaimo parke
Four sculptures of birds were erected in October in 2014. The birds made of oak are "perched" in a small square in the park of the village Noriai: a stork, an owl, a duck and a buzzard. The sculptures were crafted by the country artist Kęstutis Krasauskas and local children working under his guidance. The works were implemented within the local project "Workshop for Young Sculptors". The year 2014 was celebrated in the village of Noriai for three anniversaries: 419-year anniversary of the first written mention of the village of Noriai, 175-year anniversary of the birth of songwriter and singer Jonas Mykolas Burkus and 30-year anniversary of the planting of Noriai park. Sculpture "The Park Keeper" was crafted by Petras Pranskūnas and erected in 2015. Sculpture "The Fish" was erected in 2015.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.13536, 24.29323