Pillar-type chapel in the village of Pamažupiai

  • Koplytstulpis Šimkevičių sodyboje, Pamažupių kaime
A sculptor Stanislovas Gegeckas created this pillar-type chapel in 1935 and it still stands today in his native village Pamažupiai. The former monument was higher and today we can see only the part of the symbols: the plates with Ten Commandments which were transferred to Moses by God; the Lord's shining eyes of Providence; the Mary's monogram; the master’s favourite inscriptions IN HOC SIGNO VINCES and ALFA BETA OMEGA – a combination of the Greek alphabet, meaning the beginning and end of everything. In a recess, which is made as a small chapel, we can see the Lithuania’s patron Saint Kazimieras, in a royal garment with lilies in his hand as a symbol of chastity. The statue of Jesus carrying the cross is inside of the upper chapel. The chapel is massive, all four walls have windows. This well maintained piece of art will delight visitors, who come to the village, for a long time. Oak, concrete and glass are used as materials. The height of this monument is 4 meters.
  • GPS coordinates: 55.99841, 24.15186