Monument in the cemetery of Kapčiūnai for its residents killed in World War II and during the Soviet occupation

  • Paminklas Antrojo pasaulinio karo ir sovietų okupacijos metais žuvusiems kapčiūniečiams Kapčiūnų kapinėse
Brother, wherever you are The Liberty Bell will ring for you, And it will announce to the world that we did not go wrong, And we did not profane the Ancestors’ honour! A. Eringis These words are recorded on the monument, which marks the symbolic grave in the old cemetery of the village Kapčiūnų for its residents killed on the Second World War and during the years of Soviet occupation, but their burial locations are unknown. It was unveiled in August 1998. On a tombstone we can see nine names: Mykolas Alėba, Kazimieras Anikevičius, Jonas Gruzdas, Mykolas Gruzdas, Mykolas Kergė, Valeria Krištopaitytė-Svečiulienė, Bronius Pėžinis, Antanas Treška, Kazimieras Vencpolis. The monument was consecrated by the Klovainiai parich priest Antanas Jokūbauskas. The initiator of this commemoration is Mr. Kazimieras Vytautas Svečiulis.
  • GPS coordinates: 55.98670, 24.04119