Cross to the victims of an uprising in June 1941 in the cemetery of Kapčiūnai

  • Kryžius 1941 m. Birželio sukilimo dalyviams Kapčiūnuose
This Cross is built in a memory of the Kapčiūnai village partisans Petras Vilkūnas, Kazimieras Juknevičius, Mikalojus Ožalas, brothers Leonaičiai and J. Grigaliūnas. During the German occupation, a monument to killed partisans was built in the Kapčiūnai cemetery. However, in October 1946, Soviet activists blew up the monument. The Cross was restored only in 1997 by the initiators –a painful events witness and a fellow of dead brothers in arms Alfonsas Vencpolis and the former residents of Kapčiūnai, who still live in Kaunas and Pasvalys. It is a new sign of remembrance to those fighters who died for Lithuanian freedom. The Cross was consecrated by the Klovainiai parish priest K. Lukšas.
  • GPS coordinates: 55.98670, 24.04119