Grave of Adomas Džiuvė, retired major and chevalier of the Cross of Vytis, in Švobiškis church yard

  • Atsargos majoro, Vyties Kryžiaus kavalieriaus Adomo Džiuvės kapas Švobiškio bažnyčios šventoriuje
Adomas Džiuvė was born in 1884 March 12, in the homestead of Skaistgiris in the county and district of Pasvalys (Other sources argue it to be in Skaudvilė district in Panevėžys county). During the First World War he served in Russian army and was given the fourth class Decoration of the Military Order of Saint George for his bravery. In 1918 he came back to Lithuania. In October 1919 he was given the title of the captain. He fought against the Bolsheviks, Bermontians and Polish. In December 1919 for his bravery and agility shown in the front with the Bolsheviks he was decorated with the first degree Cross of Vytis "For Homeland". He was a lecturer at the Higher Police School under the Ministry of Interior.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.05896, 24.15647