Švobiškis narrow-gauge railway bridge over Mūša

  • Švobiškio siaurojo geležinkelio tiltas per Mūšą
Švobiškis narrow-gauge railway bridge over the river Mūša is at 4,5 km on Jonkiškėlis-Žeimelis road (now it is at 0,2 km on Švobiškis-Narteikiai road; it is 2,4 km from Joniškėlis going to Švobiškis town). The bridge was built in 1944. The construction started at the Second World War and was finished by Germans using Russian war prisonners. For the construction they used high quality parabolic arches of reinforced concrete. The bridge is 70 m of length, 2,6 m of width, with two sidewalks 0,6 m of width each, 9,6 m of hight. The bridge has three spans (18,0+20,0+18,0). It is the only reinforced concrete arched bridge on the narrow-gauge railway. Nowadays the bridge is used for automobile traffic.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.05809, 24.16202