Švobiškis manor

  • Švobiškio dvaras
It is in Pasvalys district, Joniškėlis eldership, Švobiškis village, on the right board of the river Mūša, 3 km north of Joniškėlis. Švobiškis manor was known since the second half of the 16th century. It"s one of the oldest manors. It was property of Martynas Švobas. Martynas Švobas made a will leaving his estate to Švobiškis church. According to the will, the funds of the manor had to be used to pay salaries for the priest and the teacher – 100 Polish auksinas each. The teacher had to teach all children – evangelicals as well as catholics. The funds of the manor also had to be used to build and to maintain a nursing home for the elderly and disabled. Archeologist PhD Rimvydas Laužikas, based on to the material, found in the multi-volume edition "Herbasz 52 Polski" and B. Kviklys' book "Our Lithuania", both found at Vilnius University Manuscript Department, writes about Švobškis manor: "We learn from the 1620 documentation that the buildings of the manor were made of timber, thatched, derelict and in urgent need of refurbishment. 8 voloks of farming land and 12 voloks of woodland. 2 workers were residing at the manor". Nowadays there's only a residential house. The manor park had a garden but it is almost gone today. Only a few remains of the garden are visible.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.05978, 24.16537