Naujapamūšis manor

  • Naujapamūšio dvarvietė
The buildings of Naujapamūšis manor stood next to the village of Pamiškiai, on the left bank of river Mūša. The manor and the surrounding land about 150 ha was property of Jonas Klungis whose father Mykolas bought it from the previous owners Macijauskai family. The wooden buildings of the manor degraded with the time or were demolished. The last remains were removed about 1981. The manor site is overgrown by trees, the old avenue of lime trees and former manor ponds still remaining. The trees form a part of wild vegetation on the banks of the river Mūša, remote from local roads and settlements. The witnesses of serfdom are long time gone. But the memories about the horrifying events of the time still survive in local anecdotes. Ona Gumbelevičienė, a woman from the nearby village of Pamiškiai, was born in 1896 and told about Naujapamūšiai manor in 1975: "– Back in the day the manor was owned by the German landlord Eksas. My grandfather then was his coachman. The grand dad got lucky – he didn’t get beaten by his master. But the others were known to be whipped. A local woman named Olijona Petrauskaitė was flogged to death. She was a true beauty of the village, with a lush blond hair. The master got his eyes on the beautiful peasant. He once took her to the fields and tried to rape her, but she stood for herself. Then the landlord ordered to flog her and few days afterwards she died. The landlord was very tall and heavy so that a horse barely managed to carry him and he had 9 children".
  • GPS coordinates: 56.10421, 24.43746