Roofed Pole to Sketeriai family in the village of Nereikoniai

  • Stogastulpis Adomui, Konstancijai ir Laurynui Sketeriams Nereikonių kaime
This oak pole in memory of Adomas, Konstancija and Laurynas Sketeriai was unveiled in July 2013, in the village of Nereikoniai. We can see a fragment of an apple tree carved in oak. This is a meaningful symbol: a son in law of Sketeriai, a linguist Jonas Jablonskis was able to transfer his name into Lithuanian – Obelaitis (originated from a Lithuanian word "an apple tree"). But during the press banning years, Tsar Gendarmes would catch on immediately. Therefore he translated his name into another tree – Kriaušaitis (originated from a Lithuanian word "a pear tree"). As a result, the first grammar book was written by "Petras Kriaušaitis". Mr. Vytautas Bakūnas is the author of this monument.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.06485, 24.19222