Titkoniai oak

  • Titkonių ąžuolas
Titkoniai oak – an oak of remarkable longevity that grows in Titkoniai village, Vaškai elderly, Pasvalys district. The oak stands on the edge of Titkoniai street with an informational plaque placed by it. The oak has been on the manucipality protected nature heritage objects list since 1990. The oak towers over the center of the village and also goes by the name of Catherine The Second of Russia. It is at least 250 years old. At some time in the interwar period the oak was intended to be cut down for a windmill construction but it was speared because of its beauty. The oak is of the species of Quercus robur. The girth – 4,20 m The height – 24,0 m
  • GPS coordinates: 56.15812, 24.26374