Sculptures in Pasvalys Culture and Recreation Park

  • Skulptūros Pasvalio kultūros ir poilsio parke
The sculptures were created during the summer camps of Park Woodpeckers. Gražvydas Švaikauskas' sculpture "Storm". Vaidotas Bačkys' work "Fear". On the board of the pond there's a 7 m long "Spirit of the Lake". It was carved by the craftsmen Virginijus Jackūnas, Stasys Motiejūnas and Pranas Janulevičius. The oaken monument was put in place in 1986. The Fish in the culture and leisure park was "caught" by folk artists J. Armonas, F. Norkus ir V. Mažukna in 1987. Sculpture "I Will Brew the Lake" was projected by Vytautas Kutkauskas and carved by Stasys Motiejūnas. Pranas Miežys from Vilnius carved "The Witch". Vladas Šleivys ir Kęstutis Urbonavičius carved the sign "To the pitch" which was put in place in 1986.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.05075, 24.37831