St. Trinity Church in Joniškėlis

  • Joniškėlio Švč. Trejybės bažnyčia
This Church is in Joniškėlis, in the west part of Pasvalys district, 1.5 km to the north of Šauliai–Pasvalys road and on the right bank of the River Mažupė. The bricked Church was built in 1792. The building is classical, rectangular (37 by 17), with an apse and a baroque tower. Inside there are three naves separated by pillars covered with arches. There are six altars. In about 1684, a wooden chapel was built in the cemetery. In 1752, the parish was established. The Church was a jurisdiction in the town. In 1792, the chapel was hit by lightning and it burned down. The landowner Ignotas Karpis took care to build a new Church and the present stone Church was built from 1790 to 1792. A rectory was built beside the old Church. In 1803, a Vicar Stanislovas Parkovskis equipped it with an Organ of five registers. In 1828, the parish priest Kibaras increased it to 12 registers. In 1808, Mr. Ignotas Karpis founded the parish school. Mr. Eustachas Karpis at his own expense built a wooden alms-house in 1820. It was maintained by a new formed charity association. In 1940, the parish priest Juozapas Liubšys established a hospice for retired priests. After the Second World War, the church was repaired. The churchyard fence is plastered and metal. The parish priest Bronislovas Jareckas (1908–1980) and a priest-emeritus Aleksandars Vytautas Masys (1911–1989) are buried in the churchyard.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.02604, 24.16878