Monument to the village of Nebuvėliai in the graveyard of Grūžiai

  • Paminklas Nebuvėlių kaimui atminti Grūžių kapinėse
The village of Nebuvėliai has very little coverage in historical sources: "…it is believed that the manor of Grūžiai took start and grew from the dismantled village of Nebuvėliai by the graveyard of Nebuvėliai and from the farmstead of Grūžiai which occupied the manor’s place before". Nowadays this place is occupied by the graveyard of Grūžiai parish where one old cross reminds about the village of Nebuvėliai. Behind the graveyard there’s only fields and pits of gravel overgrown with bushes and birch trees. No sign of the former village has been left.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.11362, 24.16240