Monument to the priest Bronislovas Bumšas in the graveyard of Grūžiai

  • Paminklas kunigui Bronislovui Bumšui Grūžių kapinėse
The priest Bronislovas Bumšas 1940–1945, served as the parson in Grūžiai Saint Virgin Mary Parish in Pasvalys district until the end of his life. He is known in Grūžiai as one of 159 Lithuanian priests who saved Jewish lives. B. Bumšas hid Jews in the clergy house within 1941–1944. He erected an unusual cross at Grūžiai church which he constructed of narrow gauge railings to show his protest against the dismantling of the railway between the towns of Joniškėlis and Žeimelis. Although the cross was intended to be taken down during the Soviet era, it survived somehow and stands until this day. In the independent Lithuania the priest was awarded with the Medal of Founding Volunteers of the Lithuanian Army (1928 m.). He was described by his peers as a clergyman of remarkable eloquence and education. He was fluent in 11 languages and could understand 5 more. He died in July 12, 1945 in Grūžiai, Pasvalys district. In accordance to his will, his grave was put on the path in the graveyard of Grūžiai so that every passerby would have to tread on it. The grave is marked by a monument with an enigmatic annotation: "Priest Bronislovas Bumšas. 1888–1945. He saved 40 young lives from death during German occupation".
  • GPS coordinates: 56.11362, 24.16240