Homestead of the agronomy professor Jonas Paltarokas

  • Profesoriaus agronomo Jono Paltaroko tėviškė Dovydų kaime
The founder of the dairy science in Lithuania Jonas Paltarokas was born to a family of farmers in the village of Dovydai in Pasvalys district January 15, 1895. He graduated Panevėžys grammar school in 1916 and studied at Kiev Polytechnic Institute. He was an agronomy student at the University of Halle-Wittenberg in Germany in 1920–1922. From 1924 to 1944 he was a docent at the Agriculture Academy and a professor since 1935. He emigrated to Western Europe in 1944 and lived in the USA from 1949. He published several books and collaborated on "Lithuanian Encyclopedia". Until his very dead the professor held onto hope to see the independent Lithuania again. Unfortunately, before he could see it come true, he passed away in Chicago in February 6, 1987. Nowadays a residential farm house and a barn are still standing at the homestead of the professor. The log built houses are in a good condition.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.11096, 24.14327