Homestead of the painter, graphic artist Algirdas Pakeliūnas in the village of Dovydai

  • Dailininko, grafiko Algirdo Pakeliūno tėviškė Dovydų kaime
The painter and woodcut master Algirdas Pakeliūnas grew up in Dovydai village in Pasvalys district. Dovydai village is remarkable for the famous people who were born and brought up in there. The painter, graphic artist Algirdas Pakeliūnas is one of them. His homestead has been deserted for long time and no personal belongings are left in there. The storehouse is no more but the half-ruined kitchen house is still stands. The doghouse is also there by the cowshed. The only signs of the livelihood can be seen at the well in the yard. There’s still a bucket left by someone and used to fetch water. The work of the graphic artist has been awarded many prizes and certificates. The most famous of his creations is the woodcut cycle "Kaunas Old Town" (1967–1972). He died in January 19, 2003. He was buried in the graveyard of the village of Dovydai.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.11056, 24.13978