Pillar-type chapel to the prelate Kazimieras Jasėnas in the village of Velžiai

  • Koplytstulpis kunigui, meno istorikui Kazimierui Jasėnui Velžių kaime
This was the place of the homestead of the prelate Kazimieras Jasėnas. The top of the wooden pillar holds a quadrangular chapel with wooden statues. The miniature chapel is open and covered by a hip roof. Statues of Sacred Virgin Mary and Jesus send their blessings to a passerby from the heights of the colorful chapel. The patron of Lithuania Saint Casimir is dressed in royal clothes and carries lilacs – the symbol of purity. The patron of farmers Saint Isidor stands by wearing a straw hat and a linen shirt, a winnowing fan in his hands. The very top of the chapel is decorated with an iron sun, donated by the parson of Saločiai. The initiators and the fundraisers for the monument were the community of Namišiai, the leader of Namišiai eldership Kęstutis Valantonis and the farmer D. Motiejūnas.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.20829, 24.28128