Memorial stone to the old cemetery Gegabrasta and to the partisans buried there

  • Paminklinis akmuo senosioms Gegabrastos kapinėms ir čia palaidotiems partizanams
This memorial stone was unveiled on the 1st June 1991 in the old cemetery of Gegabrasta. We can see the words engraved on the stone: "Oh, the evil windstorm, you broke us off, but our fight with you is in progress. To the victims of Resistance (1945–1953)". The cemetery was established by Germans at the beginning of the twentieth century. The German soldiers dead in the First World War were buried there. Later the civilians of German nationality were buried in this cemetery. In 1945–1946, NKVD killed and buried on the edge of the cemetery about 20 Lithuanian partisans and other victims – mostly from Pumpėnai neighbourhoods. After 1950, the cemetery was devastated and ploughed. At the beginning of the Revival of the 1990s the bodies were reburied and a memorial stone was unveiled.
  • GPS coordinates: 55.95634, 24.31376