Gulbinėnai Manor

  • Gulbinėnų dvaro ansamblis
The manor is located on the both sides of Krinčinas–Berčiūnai road, between the streams Upytė and Ringužė. Gulbinėnai (Gulbinai) was known since the eighteenth century. In the ancient times, it was a big manor with a splendid mansion and a park. From 1925 to 1941, the Gulbinėnai manor house belonged to General Kazys Ladyga. He tried to create a modern farm, transformed the mansion into a real cultural centre of the district. Mr. Kazys Ladyga set up a post office, a grocery store, several forges, constructed some roads, established additional sections of the primary school. He deserved the largest support from the local residents when he started building of a chapel in his manor, later he supported the building of the church and the development of the parish. In 1945, a basic school was founded in the Gulbinėnai mansion. It was re-organized in 1961. In the Soviet times, in the northern part of the manor there was built a secondary school and a kindergarten, where children were taught until 1992. In 1991, the Gulbinėnai manor went to the current owners. The territory of the manor consisted of three functional areas: representational, economic and recreational. The main mansion dominated the representative area, there also was a building for hired servants, stables and the park greenery of the western part. The composition of that area was characteristic for the XVIII century’s Baroque style. All the buildings were built of red brick and stones. Currently, there are 10 preserved buildings: a mansion, a barn, a building for equipment, some cattle-sheds and some outbuildings. The mansion was surrounded with 16 hectares of park. By the pond, acacias were planted, around a dance floor there were lime-trees.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.07905, 24.64842