Sacred Virgin Mary of the Angels Church in Kyburiai

  • Kyburių Švč. Mergelės Marijos angeliškosios bažnyčia
A wooden chapel was built in Kyburiai manor in 1762. After the year 1831, the owner of the manor was exiled to Russia. His land was taken over by a reformed landlord. The new owner demolished the chapel. Catholic community built a new chapel in the graveyard of Majeriai manor. After the year 1863 Majeriai manor passed on to a lutheran owner. The chapel was moved to the graveyard of Saločiai. During the World War I, it was trnasported to the graveyard of Kyburiai. It was taken down in 1928. In 1926, the priest Aleksandras Štrombergas obtained the permission from the bishop of Samogitia to build a church. The project was designed by the architect Vytautas Landsbergis-Žemkalnis and the construction finished in 1927. During years 1934 to 1938 the parson Vadislovas Kupstas furnished the interior of the church: he installed three altars, a pulpit, made benches and confessionals. He also purchased a bell and put a brick fence around the churchyard. The church is rectangle with four apses at both opposite ends and one tower. There are four pointed tin turrets on the tower and one turret on each apse. The walls outside are covered with timber. The church has three naves separated by pillars without arches. The central nave is larger with vaulted ceiling, the side naves are smaller and have flat ceiling. The windows are rectangular and large. The altars are made of wood in the neo-gothic style. The churchyard fence is built of stones and bricks.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.23448, 24.23176