Pajiešmeniai Manor

  • Pajiešmenių dvaras
This manor’s residential building is one of the newer constructions of mansions. It stands on the stream Iešmuo, on the right side of the road Pasvalys–Biržai, 5 km to the north. The manor is considered as local cultural monument because its buildings date from the nineteenth century and from the beginning of the twentieth century. At that time the estate belonged to Mr. Klebokas, later it passed to the Baron Ludvikas Ropp. He planted a park and built the manor, which we can see nowadays. There are also some outbuildings and around the mansion there is a park protected by the State. In 1930, the manor was divided in individual parcels, the mansion was equipped as an office and later there used to live farm workers. In 2003, a private person purchased the mansion. The farm outbuildings are owned by the State. The two-storey edifice is built of red bricks, with an attic on the third floor and gable slate-covered roof. There are open porches in the northeast corner of the building and at the western end, further to the south the mansion is as a single-floor building. The old manor’s park is on the stream Iešmuo and you can admire it to this time. One oak from the park is protected botanical object with a diameter of 1.5 m.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.10661, 24.49620