Moliūnai Manor

  • Moliūnų dvaras
In 1568, Sigismund Augustus, the Grand Duke of Lithuania, in his document for privileges to Mr. Teterin mentioned this manor and its surrounding villages. In the document of Stephen Bathory (1585), it is said that Mr. Teterin could use forever the manor of Moliūnai, it is a present to him and his children for the faithful service and the merit to the Army. The Teterins were very wealthy landlords who also had lands in Minsk and Moselle Counties. They owned the manor of Moliūnai for 88 years. In 1603, Mr. Jegor Teterin mortgaged the manor to the Samogitian court official Mr. Vaitiekus Radzinauskas. From 1652 until 1679, the estate owner was Mr. Jurgis Tyzenhaus (he also had the mansion of Žadeikėliai). Later, a treasurer of Trakai Mr. Konstantinas Jarmalavičius received a royal privilege and occupied the manor by force. Since 1760, this manor belonged to a General of the Grand Duchy Mykolas Juozapas Pacas. He gave his estate to the count Jozefas Pacas who was a foreman of Ružany (nowadays the town is located near Volkovysk in a district of Grodno). From 1790 to 1926 (in this year the manor was divided into individual parcels) the manor was ruled by the landlords Karpiai. In 1808, Mr. Ignas Karpis renounced the serf-ownership system in Joniškėlis, Moliūnai and other manors.
  • GPS coordinates: 55.92614, 24.47499