Balsiai Watermill

  • Balsių vandens malūnas
This water mill is in Pasvalys district, in the village Balsiai, near the road Pasvalys–Šiauliai, and it stands on the River Lėvuo. The foundations and the walls are built from the fieldstones. The local artisans built this cultural monument in 1764. In the northern wall corner you can found the date – 1898 – carved in stone, the eastern wall of the mill was rebuilt in that year. The mill had two grindstones, rotating by the water wheels. One simple grindstone was for milling, another for the flour of the best quality. In the north-eastern corner of the ground-floor the wool-carding workshop was equipped. In 1961, the huge water wheels stopped spinning, the mill stopped permanently and the equipment was dismantled. Nowadays, there is a guesthouse in a restored mill building.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.03468, 24.35287