Memorial plaque to Teofilis Zubavičius in Stumbriškis

In the Žalioji forest, by the village of Stumbriškis, on the right side of the lane Panevėžys–Vabalninkas, there’s a cabin. It has a memorial plaque which reads the name of the famous Lithuanian naturalist Teofilis Zubavičius who spent there the last years of his life. Teofilis Zubavičius was born in the village of Dumbliūnėliai in Pasvalys district in 1914 and died in the city of Panevėžys in November 12, 1993. He was a naturalist amateur, a self-taught ornithologist and among the first bird ringers in Lithuania, a long-time employee at the Žuvintas nature reserve.
  • GPS coordinates: 55.86404, 24.56988