Sinkhole of Vatkai

  • Vatkų smegduobė
Going from the village of Daujėnai to the village of Barklainiai, 6 km North, in the middle of the woods, between the sections 213 and 214, there’s the sinkhole of Vatkai, also known as the depression of Vatkai. The sinkhole opened in an eroded and covered by boulders moraine plain. Back in the day, there was the village of Vatkai. The sinkhole is always full of water, fallen tree leaves and branches. It is quite big, about 16×16 m, almost perfect circle. The year of its opening may be around 1912. Huge trees fell into the sinkhole and their tops are showing up above the water to this day. We can only guess the initial depth of the sinkhole which could be from 10 to 15 metres.
  • GPS coordinates: 55.92073, 24.52988