Cross Valley of the Baltic Way

  • Baltijos kelio kryžių slėnis
This valley is also known as Cross Valley of Pasvalys. It is located in the eastern outskirts of the town, near the Via Baltica highway. In 1989, the Baltic Way campaign participants began to build Crosses in this valley. They were representatives of the different Lithuanian districts, and in this way gave a meaning to their participation in the campaign, which reminiscent is a stone credence altar and the Crosses from Kretinga, Akmenė, Pakruojis, Pasvalys and Joniškėlis. Then a tradition took root to build Crosses in the valley in memory of famous events and people. The Crosses to Norwegian and Swedish people, a president Stasys Lozoraitis and in memory of an Akmenės Aero Club aircraft "VILGA 35A", which crashed on the 23rd August 1991 in Pasvalys.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.06894, 24.43222