Monument to the 500 years foundation of the town in Pasvalys

  • Paminklas Pasvalio miesto įkūrimo 500 m. jubiliejui
This architectural monument for a Jubilee of Pasvalys was built in 1997.On two front polished granite blocks there are engraved dates: 1497 represents the Pasvalys “birth“ and 1997 – a construction of the monument. As the sun shines at the confluence of the Rivers Lėvuo and Svalia, five like golden columns symbolically reflect Pasvalys development during five centuries. Five metal columns are vertical key features. There is a horizontal key feature as well. It is a black granite rectangle with a spiral that rotates around five wheels – again marking the same five centuries. A group of architects from Panevėžys led by Mr. Klimavičius has created the monument.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.06110, 24.39705