Monument to a scientist Petras Avižonis in Pasvalys

  • Paminklas kraštiečiui profesoriui, oftalmologui ir visuomenės veikėjui Petrui Avižoniui Pasvalyje
This monument was built in memory of a prominent citizen from Pasvalys, an ophthalmologist Professor Petras Avižonis. It was unveiled on the 20th September 2003 and it stands beside Pasvalys Regional Museum. Its author is a sculptor from Klaipėda Algirdas Bosas and the founder was a Petras Avižonis‘s daughter Birutė Blaževičienė. The construction of the monument consists of a pink granite book, symbolizing the human way of life, pierced by a gray pyramid like an inexorable desire to improve and at the top of the pyramid, there are the contours of an eye.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.06050, 24.39900