Monument beside Pasvalys gymnasium named after Petras Vileišis

  • Paminklas Petrui Vileišiui prie jo vardo gimnazijos Pasvalyje
A creator of monumental sculpture in the first decades of the twentieth century Vincas Grybas immortalized an engineer Petras Vileišis who was one of the most eminent historical figures of Lithuanian Revival. This monument to Petras Vileišis was being built together with school building and its unveiling was held on the same day: the 15th September 1935. The Minister Juozas Tonkūnas and the sculptor Vincas Grybas unveiled an imposing six-meter-high monument. The statue on the pedestal depicts Petras Vileišis, standing beside a pile of books, symbolizing his tireless educational activities; in his right hand there is the first Lithuanian daily newspaper – Vilniaus žinios “News of Vilnius” because Petras Vileišis put not only the spiritual forces, but also money in its Editon. His hold left hand gesture is firm as if Petras Vileišis invites everyone to focus on the selfless work dedicated to Lithuania. On the front of the pedestal, there is an inscription: “Engineer Petras Vileišis. 1851–1926.The grateful local people for Great Lithuanian philanthropist. 1935“.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.06202, 24.40446