Monument to the family Vileišiai in the village of Mediniai

  • Paminklas Vileišių šeimai Medinių kaime
This oak roofed-pole (its author is a sculptor Arūnas Grušas) satnds at the former Vileišiai family homestead, in Mediniai village. The figures of the brothers Vileišiai are carved on this roadside pole. Petras Vileišis handholds a bridge attribute – the ark and his brother Jonas – a signatory of the Act of Independence – handholds the Themis scales of justice as a lawyer and an emblem of Kaunas – a unicorn – as a mayor of this town. Antanas Vileišis was a doctor in Vilnius and Anupras helped his brother Petras Vileišis in his bridge construction work. Juozas Vileišis is depicted like joined his hands in prayer, as a mark of his early death at the age before he was thirty, and Kazimieras lived in Mediniai all his life. The monument was unveiled on the 16th of February1991 to commemorate the 140th birth anniversary of Petras Vileišis.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.09758, 24.30711