Monument to the brothers Petras (a linguist) and Julijonas (a journalist and participant of resistance) Būtėnai in the village of Dovydai

  • Paminklas broliams kalbininkui Petrui ir žurnalistui, rezistentui Julijonui Būtėnams Dovydų kaime
This monument was built at the Būtėnai homestead, Dovydai village. Pasvalys Marius Katiliškis Public Library took care to build a monument to a linguist Petras Būtėnas 100th birth anniversary. It was unveiled on the 16th July 1996. The author of the monument is a folk artist Vytautas Godonis from Dovydai. A huge stone, from which rises a metal cross, symbolizes a humble peasant man's strength, while the homestead foundation stones near the monument witness indestructible memory. Nowadays, Julijonas Būtėnas’ Memorial Days are organized here: St. Masses are served beside the monument, May Masses are held and like-minded fellows gather here.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.11112, 24.14390