Partisan Bunker in the Žalioji forest, near the village of Margiai

  • Bunkeris Margiuose, Žaliojoje girioje
In autumn 1944, the partisans of Žalioji forest installed a bunker, which they called "By Šermukšniai Margiai track". On the 6th October 1945, a partisan Jonas Tamošiūnas-Vyturys from Margiai village was killed beside that bunker. In a firefight with Russian garnison soldiers another unknown partisan was killed while others happily retired. The bunker was rebuilt in 2004. A Pasvalys department of Lithuanian Riflemen Union and its Commander Algis Kalvėnas took care to rebuild this monument. A partisans’ companion Juozas Tamulionis from Pumpėnai built a wooden Cross beside this bunker in memory of partisans. The Pasvalys parish priest Monsignor Jonas Balčiūnas consecrated the monument.
  • GPS coordinates: 55.87760, 24.48926