Memorial for the priest and poet Antanas Vienažindys in Krinčinas

  • Atminimo paminklai kunigui, poetui, knygnešiui Antanui Vienažindžiui Krinčine
In autumn 1990, in the park of the village Krinčinas there was started planting a birch grove in memory of Antanas Vienažindys. More than 100 birches were planted that day. In April 1991, in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of birth of Antanas Vienažindys, famous literature, art and science people together with the residents of Krinčinas planted 200 birch trees more.The carved pillar-type chapel with a stylized figure of Antanas Vienažindys (its author is Mr. Arūnas Grušas) was built beside the Krinčinas St. Peter and Paul's churchyard central gate. It was unveiled on the 29th August 1992. The tombstone by the Krinčinas rectory and a memorial plaque in the Krinčinas church were unveiled in 1991 to commemorate the poet's 150th birth anniversary.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.08438, 24.52861