Homestead of an agronomist, Professor Petras Vasinauskas

Professor Petras Vasinauskas (1906–1995) was a famous agronomist, agricultural specialist and organizer. He was a Head of the Chamber of Agriculture (1940), Dotnuva Research Station (1945–1953) and of Lithuanian Institute of Agriculture (1956–1965). He also is known as Lithuanian Academy of Agriculture Science Vice-Rector (1956–1958), a Head of the Department of Agriculture (1945–1956/ 1968–1974) and the initiator of the establishment of the Museum of Horse. Petras Vasinauskas wrote a book "Travel by horse through Lithuania in 1975". In summer 1995, he was awarded 3rd Class Order of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas. The author of many books and journalistic articles began his life in Pasvalys. In 1889, there were 183 households in Pasvalys and they were mostly farmhouses. A considerable Petras Vasinauskas homestead plot was at one side based in Pumpėnai (now Independence) Street, by the River Lėvuo, and the other side was by the River Svalia. In 1911, in Svalia Street there was a great fire, which spread into Pumpėnai Street, burning almost all the farmers' dwellings. After a fire, in 1912, the family used to live in a remote area, a couple of kilometers to the east from Pasvalys by the Daujėnai road. The professor’s father Kazimieras Vasinauskas owned a small farm. A log house, which the front was turned to the north, was covered with red-tiled roof. There also stood a small, two-door barn, clay cattle-shed and a mow. In a southern area, there was a small apple orchard, which was kept from winds by willows and birches on the west and north.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.05190, 24.41063