Homestead of a priest Alfonsas Lipniūnas in the village of Talkoniai

  • Kunigo Alfonso Lipniūno tėviškė Talkonių kaime, Pumpėnų seniūnijoje
Alfonso Lipniūnas (Lipnicki) (1905–1945) was one of the most prominent the twentieth century Lithuanian priest, a professor, a Stutthof concentration camp torture and a public figure. He was awarded the Cross of the Order posthumously. Alfonsas Lipniūnas spent his childhood in Panevėžys region, three kilometers away from Pumpėnai, in the village of Talkoniai. He grew up near a dusty road, in an old log hut with a thatched roof. His native village farmstead in Talkoniai has survived until now. On the residential house wall an oak commemorative plaque was nailed. There are these words: "Priest, Professor Alfonsas Lipniūnas was born in 1905 and lived in this farm". The author of this commemorative plaque is a sculptor Vytautas Tallat-Kelpša from Panevėžys. Nowadays, each spring beside the priest Alfonsas Lipniūnas homeland grange there are meetings of the local youth and May Masses are serviced.
  • GPS coordinates: 55.95894, 24.34134