House of a book-smuggler Kazys Gumbelevičius in Pasvalys

  • Knygnešio Kazio Gumbelevičiaus namas Pasvalyje
Kazys Gumbelevičiaus (1859–1941) was a bookbinder, a book-smuggler and a member of Garšva book-carriers Society. In 1928, he was awarded of a Lithuanian Independence Medal. His house stands in Vaškai Street, Pasvalys. The house is maintained, its shutters are decorated with folk ornaments. Inside, there are still the books hiding places: emptiness in doorframes, and other small secret places. Many books would hide not only in a house, but also in a garden shed, in boon or straw of a barn and in a pantry between two walls. An oak memorial plaque with a bas-relief of Kazys Gumbelevičius was nailed on a wall of the house. Its author is Mr. Leonas Juozonis.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.06390349886823, 24.39460963016245