Native house of a literary critic, Professor Vanda Zaborskaitė in Vaškai

  • Literatūrologės, profesorės Vandos Zaborskaitės gimtasis namas Vaškų miestelyje, Vaškų seniūnijoje
This redbrick house with dirt floor in an entry, big but rather dark kitchen, an oven for bread baking and other rooms stands in Vaškai (Pasvalys district). This is a native house of Professor, Habilitated Doctor, Lithuanian literary researcher, critic and essayist Vanda Zaborskaitė (1922–2010). She passed her early childhood in Vaškai. Tere the mother's grandmother's sister had an uncle Stanevičius, who built the church of Vaškai and was a prelate parish priest. That house was bought by Stanevičius to his niece who was a homeopathist, a tearoom owner and an authoritative woman all Vaškai district around. She was like a real grandmother to a little girl. This house stands in Vaškai until now, but the owners have changed. In March 2013, on the wall of a house was unveiled a memorial plaque for a literary critic, Professor Vanda Zaborskaitė (1922–2010). There we can find the words: "Professor Vanda Zaborskaitė was born in this house on 24/12/1922’" and her portrait. The memorial plaque was created by Mr. Rimas Mackevičius from Linkuva.
  • GPS coordinates: 56.16748, 24.21085